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    The past year I’ve been growing Instagram Themepages with decent success in the luxury and car niche.

    I’ve noticed a lot of companies don’t use Instagram to its full potential. I’ve found several 1-2k accounts that get around 20-50 likes per post and they only post like 2 times per month. So my plan is to reach out to them, and say that I can help them grow their Instagram with real followers (potential buyers).

    Have anyone here done something like this? I’ve got a couple of questions I hope you can answer 🙂 First, how do you best approach these companies? What should you say to convince them?
    Secondly, what strategies works best for growing brand accounts? Can you use for example follow/unfollow as too do with themepages?
    Finally, how did you get paid? Like a monthly salary, or maybe $X per 1k followers you grew?

    All help would be greatly appreciated,


    Dont approach them on social, approach them through email or telephone.

    Dont come with your opinion on ‘full potential’ but pitch them an actual idea for their account. Don’t be afraid it’s a free idea, you are taking a risk here but cannot lose anything you don’t have.

    Pay should be on project base, with hourly rates. So once you got their interest you should give them an indication of what it is going to cost them. If you are smart you are submitting cost with an indication of what they would be MAKING moneywise for hiring you. And don’t disappoint them 🙂

    One last piece of advice: don’t ask for general advice (on growing accounts) on the internet if that is the expertise you are selling 😉


    I do this for a living.

    Most small businesses don’t have time to create content and post, they don’t see the benefit of doing it. That’s where you come in.

    If you already have already grown theme pages, show them a screenshot of your engagement and reach from your most successful posts just so they can have a taste of what you can do with organic reach.

    Growing brand accounts is different than theme pages because you wanna grow a loyal fan base that will buy their product/service and engage in your posts, which will give the best ROI to your client. You can achieve this either by setting an ad budget or follow-unfollow on people who engage in your competitor’s posts combined with a hashtag strategy.

    Charge a month, say 1k per month, and spend a percentage of that on ads to help you deliver those results.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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