Hello, what would you do when your big-budget Ads have a very bad day

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    I mean , if your ads set or campaign have 1K or more budget per day, when you wake up you see a poor performance, high CPA, high cost per add to cart & checkout. low ctr and something like this

    but this ads are going well in last few days.

    what would you do in this case, just let it burn, or reduce the budget immediately, or close the ads for couple of hours, until the new day come and restart


    First off, you should have multiple profitable campaigns going at all times for instances like this. Facebook will have inconsistent results with campaigns from time to time but as long as you have multiple campaigns that are crushing it, then you’re not dependent on one campaign.

    To answer your question, if you only have one campaign running then I would let it run for a few days to see if it optimizes (3 days or so). If you can’t let it run for 3 days then just turn it off and restructure your campaigns to not be so fragile.


    Don’t do the same mistake which you did in that, don’t use those keywords which you used


    I cry usually. Then I Leave it for a day or two and adjust as needed


    Turn off your campaign on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, now you have extra budget of three days, spend that budget on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


    Well that’s completely normal that campaigns aren’t day over day consistent. A bad day can happen. Brush it off and keep going.


    facebook is really unpredictable. I’d leave it 24hours and inform the client if things continue. it may be due to other reasons outside of facebooks algorithm. maybe things going on globally or seasonal times of the year ect. but i’d find that hard to be the case with a large spending budget.

    I tend to find the campaign will make catch-up for poor performance at the end of the week as well. as many facebook users are on from wednesday – sunday.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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