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    So I’m not a social media marketer. I’m actually a CRM and digital manager who focuses on marketing automation, CRM and campaigns ( usually optimisation and funnel work but sometimes operational as well. ) I do however oversee the social function. I work in house not at an agency.

    I feel like social is my blind spot, I sometimes post now and again on our LinkedIn but mostly that’s done by my executives. Plus I’m a B2B marketer so B2C is pretty foreign to me. I want to start freelancing more so I really do need to work on my social media marketing ability.

    I decided to make a new account covering topics in digital and CRM but I’m honestly lost of where to even begin.

    I’ve created some content that I think is quite good/shareable. I’ll also look at creating some videos/reels.

    But how do I grow my audience? I currently have 10 followers 🤦🏼‍♀️ do I just post my content with relevant hashtags and hope my community grows? Mass follow relevant accounts?

    Tbh I really want to use this page to work on my social skills but if anyone has any tips/ tricks please let me know.


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    Maybe you can try to ask your friends for sharing your social media. Because if many people see this others will be also interested in. One more point could be making Instagram lives with other popular accounts.


    Well, all the popular people in any genre have a good product that’s been executed well. So put out a good product with the necessary hashtags, and you’ll grow followers organically, but it’ll take time. Like a long time.


    Hi! SMM here. While it does take time to grow organically, it’s totally worth it. Keep putting out great content but also be sure to engage with other accounts. Search hashtags that your ideal customer would use and start liking and genuinely commenting on those posts. Don’t necessarily use every comment to promote but, if it’s relevant you can always say, “I just did a post about this, check it out and message me if you have mire questions. Engage, engage, engage. If you’re doing that plus putting out quality content you’ll grow. Once you have more followers if you have a post that is out performing others, do a paid boost to reach more people.


    There are many good YouTube channels out there that can help you out.

    It’s important to get recent videos, since we now feel that most of it is Pay To Play and old advice about hashtags might not be so relevant anymore.

    Also, I think consistency is key, both in message as it is in frequency of posting.


    Consistency + constant refinement = success.

    With a lot of these things success compounds. It starts small – but that’s part of the process. Your first posts will suck. That’s also part of the process. Focus on consistency and just make small adjustments as you generate learnings.


    Put out the right content for your target audience.
    Consistency in showing up yourself.
    Authenticity in your posts.
    Give a lot of value.
    Help more and people will come to you.
    And don’t be scared to let them know you offer something.
    Now that’s organic reach.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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