Google Search: How to Track Website Form Submission As Conversions If No ‘Thank You’ Page?

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    I’m going to be running Google Search ads to a website with a form submission. The conversion I want to track is the submissions. However, the way it’s set up is that there is no redirected ‘Thank You’ page. Instead, you stay on the form page and a message like “We will get back to you soon” or something is presented.

    Any suggestions on how to track those form submissions as conversions?


    When creating a conversion action in Google Ads, it provides you with the necessary code and some instructions. You need to add some JavaScript to the button.


    Easiest way would be with the help of GTM.

    You find a way to catch the unique that happens when form is successfully sent (submitted) and use that as a trigger to fire Google Ads conversion pixel

    You can also send an event to GA in order to create s goal and see how other channels are performing.

    DM me if you need help


    Use GTM! You would need to set up two tags:

    1. Conversion Linker Tag – Trigger this on All Pages
    – This is so the conversion data is passed on between your site and Google Ads. If you’re going to submit multiple Google Ads Convesrion Tags on your site, you still only need to do this once.
    2. Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tag – Trigger this on the Form Submit
    – This is the tag you would use to mark the conversion; it sends data from the site to your Google Ads account. When you set up the conversion from Google Ads you would get a Conversion ID. Use this with the tag.

    Hope this helps.


    Pretty common with ajax based forms, but if you don’t decide not to use GTM, refer to link below to use javascript onclick events.



    Javascript or offline conversions. As mentioned, GTM can probably help a lot here.

    If you go down the offline conversion route then that will help mitigate the negative effects of the third party cookie blocking problem lots of people are facing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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