Google is indexing my AWS Lightsail static ip

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    Hi All,

    *A little on my history: huge DIYer, love trying to figure out the right questions to ask Google to help me solve my issues as I go along. I may have made a mistake going with AWS for my wife’s new company. Hoping to connect with someone to give me direction.*

    Built this website in July. Originally started on Bluehost and hated all the bloatware, moved over to AWS because the price rocks, but there’s a lot to the set up of it that I probably skipped over, was just happy to get WordPress hosted on it and all was good… Up until I realized that I might be hurting my SEO.

    On Google search console I see that the static IP was indexing along with the URL. Not necessarily knowing what to do I installed a redirect add-on and had the static IP permanent redirect to my domain. I also asked search console to forward the static IP to my domain.

    At this point, I’m feeling like I made a mistake. Although the website is doing as intended as we’re getting the traffic and people are calling. I’m worried that it might become a long-term issue and want to address it now.


    You need to create a catch-all redirect rule in Apache or Nginx in your lightsail VM.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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