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    From what i’ve read people hate Smart Campaigns….but for me, i’ve been running 2x now targeting diff locations and have anywhere between a 2-7 ROAS everyday for 3-weeks now.

    They are modest budgets of £25 per day and £15 day respectively. I am very hesitant about upping the budget for fear of impacting performance and then losing out on the current status quo…but want to scale.

    I imagine if you duplicate a “smart” campaign with same keywords location etc they will just compete against eachother and drive up cost? so is increasing the budget the only way? If so, is there an acceptable % to do so and timeframe.

    Thanks in advance.


    What’s your target budget? I would advice to increase your current budgets by 10-15% and check performance after 4-5 days or run new campaigns in different locations.

    If you launch new campaign in same geo with same targeting settings it will compete with your current campaign.


    How long did it take you to get results from your smart campaigns? I made one a few weeks ago, left it for a few days at $5 a day. After spending nearly $100 I got one sale from it…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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