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    Anyone who already has experience purchasing backlinks? I’m already #1 in google in the local area (this is for a small business). But I want to cement my ranking further and also rank some more of my keywords. I haven’t started building backlinks yet, so I’m thinking if you can suggest a trusted service that’s not spammy to build some backlinks?




    might come off controversial, but you can buy links if you are vetting the domains carefully.. look to make sure there isn’t a huge drop off in traffic, actually look at the site, check to see if there is a legit author on the sites etc, etc…

    The way I look at link vendors is they are just doing the outreach on your behalf..

    Here are two reputable vendors I like:

    []( or [](


    I’ve had a good experience with clickintelligence.
    Every month they give me a list of top quality sites that would be acceptable for my niche.
    I then examine every single one, and in ahrefs. Then select the top 3-5


    Nice try, Google.


    Nobs has good service but I prefer to reach out to webmasters manually and tell negotiate. This will save huge money if you have time.




    Ok, asking a dumb question time… how do you convince someone to write a blog and add a follow link on their website? Does it usually have to be reciprocal?


    Go to the source not the middle man.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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