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    I have been testing some bing ads just to get a feel for the platform and they seem to be breaking even. This is good since I have done very little optimization to it yet.

    I have a few goals set up, (I just recently set up conversion value goals so that doesn’t have any data on it)

    I was mainly wondering how to get my ads to optimize for goals like purchases? I can look at my current goals like ‘add to cart’ ‘payment info’ ‘view product’ to see what keywords and such are performing best, but how do I get the ad to optimize for a specific goal?

    I see that I can optimize for roas, but I don’t think I have enough data on my account to do that yet.

    Would anyone recommend me a good way to optimize my goals properly to increase results? Would roas be a good place to start?


    I have seen good results using Target CPA / Mac Conversions once I have double digit conversions.


    One thing to be careful of is – I’ve had mixed results in optimizing for conversion. I’d suggest doing enhanced cpc, get it stable and then try conv opt. So you can back up if needed

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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