Friday Google Ads Q&A – What Questions Do You Have?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Friday Google Ads Q&A – What Questions Do You Have?

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    If you’re new to Google Ads (or not) and have questions, I’m happy to answer them in this thread. I also welcome any other PPC specialist to jump into the conversation with their input.

    Maybe you have questions about new campaign set up best practices, writing killer ad copy, tips to avoid wasteful spend, bid strategies, etc – send them over!


    We have some keywords which are super expensive. How do you usually tackle this?


    We have some keywords that are set up as exact match type, but are not hitting efficiency targets and have high CPCs. Some in our company feel we should try some “strategic” phrase matching instead. Other are worried this will lead to wasted spend on erroneous search terms. Are there ways to target more broad search queries with phrase match, while also avoiding the usual poor-quality clicks associated with that match type?


    How do you deal when you are in a niche with a lot of low volume keywords?


    How do you layout your campaign?


    What’s your A/B testing technique?


    How would you recommend charging clients who have monthly spends under $1000/month? Flat monthly fees?


    How to stop wasteful Spend or Retargeting?

    I have excluded all mobile apps but i still get wasteful spend like get 400clicks in 2 hrs and finishes my budget for the day


    any solution to this? what to exclude ? what you guys have seen that work for display and youtube remarketing


    I am in the process of determining whether its financially prudent to create a website. The website will make its money off of traffic via ads. However, I have no idea how much traffic to expect and how much it will costs per visit to attract someone. Any idea where to turn to get a better idea?



    Why is it the keywords I am bidding on are never at the low end of the top of page bid range.

    I bid on these keywords 2-3 years ago at €0.50 a click but I have now restarted the campaign and the clicks are at €3.

    The estimated bids are the same as they were years ago and competition is still really low

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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