Free tools to manage multiple social media accounts / how can I schedule future posts on Twitter / Instagram?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Free tools to manage multiple social media accounts / how can I schedule future posts on Twitter / Instagram?

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    Let me just explain the situation I am in:
    1. Basically I am in charge of spear-heading my company’s social media.
    2. Instagram, AFAIK, does not have any native web-browser based features that allow us to schedule posts or even upload posts.
    3. I need some kind of free-to-use tools / software that will allow me to schedule posts to Instagram and twitter. The only ones I’ve seen so far with a 10 minute google search charge a monthly fee to do this.

    Thank you very much to anyone that can help!


    Hootsuite is free up to 2-3 accounts


    Use for Instagram. It’s free for basic features like scheduling posts. If you want to schedule stories, that’s a premium feature you have to upgrade to.
    Later allows you to prepare everything for your post such as description, hashtags, location, etc.
    I don’t remember if you can schedule carousel posts on the basic plan, but you can at least do single photos or videos.
    Edit: As to Twitter, you may be able to share your Instagram posts to twitter unless you want them separate for reasons of separate metrics tracking.

    wiki_ja is without a doub the greatest social tool for managing posts and anakytics


    actually can schedule Instagram and give you rudimentary insights. tweetdeck for Twitter. Don’t see the reason for a third party app for only one company’s social.


    Buffer can do it up to three or four accounts I think? It automatically puts you on a pro account but expires after 2 weeks and you don’t need to enter in your card details.


    use tweetdeck for twitter!


    Scheduling posts for one company/two profiles, I recommend just scheduling natively. You can schedule tweets on twitter. You can schedule Instagram posts through Facebook business.

    Tweetdeck, Later, and Hootsuite are additional options.

    Also, consider just simply using a spreadsheet with your composed posts, and post when youre working on the social site, rather than scheduled.


    You can scheduled Instagram through the Facebook business sweet and can also schedule tweets natively through Twitter 🙂


    buffer has free options – honestly for minimal cost get additional features on some platforms mentioned save you time.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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