Feeling imposter syndrome and anxiety bad today. Help or advice appreciated.

Forum White Hat SEO Feeling imposter syndrome and anxiety bad today. Help or advice appreciated.

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    I’m almost done with my first week working with a new agency. I feel a ton of imposter syndrome today. I’m working remotely so I feel it’s a bit hard to gauge what my peers are doing and how quickly I’m supposed to be acclimated. I was doing some of the training this week and it involved pulling data from Google Analytics, now I’m second guessing my answers.

    Have you dealt with feelings like this after starting a job? How did you get past it?


    You are doing more good for your clients than if they were doing nothing. You are helping by taking that heaping amount for work off their shoulders and putting it onto yours. Your are talented and most importantly you care or you wouldn’t feel like an imposter.


    As much as anyone wants to tell you they have it figured out, SEO is a lot of guessing. You’ll feel better in a few weeks/months once you aren’t overthinking every little thing. No one really knows how the algo works, we’re all just trying our best!


    Bro I felt the same way when I started working for an agency. Don’t worry it’s completely normal! If you can’t figure out a problem, just Google and see if you can find someone who had the same problem as you. Chances are you’ll find the solution. If you can’t figure it out ask your coworkers for some guidance. I tried to avoid asking questions for the longest time because it made me feel stupid for not knowing the answers. But it’s the best thing I did because the people around me were willing to help. And I learned way more through them. Had I not asked for help I might still be stuck and second guess myself.


    My theory is that only people who know what they’re doing get imposter syndrome.


    Hey there. 9+ years in SEO, and I absolutely have been there. Imposter syndrome was something I was dealing a lot with pre-pandemic (was laid off at an old job due to COVID,) and it truly put a lot of pressure on me, my job, my relationship to working in SEO, and mental health in general. Coupled with the fact that I was burned out and some conflicting management styles, I truly thought that maybe I wasn’t the SEO/hard worker that I thought I was.

    Then, I got laid off, and my entire view of my relationship to my job changed. I realized that no matter how awful I thought I was, how many times I second guessed my choices or my strategy, I ultimately was the person I wanted to be in the end: someone who just wanted to do the right thing by their clients and help them see the success they deserved.

    My goal in telling you all this is that despite all the times I’ve felt unqualified, not ready, or like someone was going to out me as an imposter, I kept what the end goal was for me in the back of my mind: doing what’s best for the client. It does sound like you’re in the same track of thought here, and just know that like what some of the others have said on this thread – a lot of what we do is guessing. The difference is trusting that whatever you’re doing is best for the client, and knowing that just by you feeling this way shows you that you already know what matters the most.

    You’re going to be great at your job, and will do awesome things for your clients. I just know it. ❤️ Please feel free to DM me if you ever want to chat!


    After more than 20 years in the business, I can safely tell you that no one is an SEO expert or a PPC expert because beyond the basic technical SEO/SEM 101 best practices you must do, there are a million other variants like the industry, the economy, the product, the landing page and a million other things that are frankly out of your control. Some companies will be easy and you’ll feel like a hero, others, no matter how hard you try, will never get to where they need top bet for whatever reason. You’re kind of like a Doctor. You’ll lose some patients, but overall, you’ll do more good than harm (as long as you stay on top of the latest findings). What I find is killing our industry iOS that there is nowhere to go to discuss best practices, current challenges (line the iOS update and GDPR). If you look at IT and MSP forums, they seem to have a betters sense of community and they genuinely try to help each other. But in my 20 years of SEP and PPC work, I’ve never seen anyone try to train or help anymore else. You’ve got to sink or swim on your own.


    Literally just started at an agency 3 weeks ago as the SEO expert. Just know you’re not the only one! Do your research and be informed about the choices or recommendations you’re making.


    Wow guys, seriously thank you so much for your insights. I feel that being a SEO, you’re solo most of the time… this can leave the door wide open for overthinking. I appreciate everyone’s encouragement and validation. 🤍

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