Featured Snippet: How Do I Keep It?

Forum White Hat SEO Featured Snippet: How Do I Keep It?

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    Hello, new to the reddit world, but I just wondered if anyone had any advice on keeping a featured snippet. I have acquired one fairly on accident & I want to make sure it stays. The keyword is relevant & one I want, should I keep refreshing the content or leave it until I have to work to get the snippet back? Thanks in advance!


    Keep an eye on it – but don’t change anything yet. Google clearly likes the content the way it is – so changing it could change that.

    If you lose it see who took it and see how their content is different.

    Keep in mind that snippets can be *very* moody. I have blogs that will have the snippet consistently and then drop and then get it back and drop. I would say wait until you are continuously losing out to someone else before making major changes.


    Don’t change anything and you should try to understand why Google featured your article there and try to replicate it with others.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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