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    I’m going nuts. I’m trying to find information about this and even a way to report them, but it looks like nobody online is even talking about the issue.

    Whenever I type in a super specific search query trying to investigate something that isn’t super popular or obvious I will get a whole bunch of Google search results that are just Russian websites with a random collection of words (some of which happen to match some of my keywords).

    They are almost always .ru domains.

    They don’t contain any relevant information, only jumbled unrelated words.

    I ran 6 of them through virustotal and they came up clean.

    Why do they exist? Who benefits from them and how? Why isn’t anyone else talking about them?

    Is there no way to report these obviously fake/spam/fishy/trap/scam/irrelevant search results?


    At the bottom of every search result is a Feedback link. Use it to report this kind of stuff. It works.

    …Although I don’t know why Google can’t automatically detect and reject this kind of crap.


    I wonder the same thing when I see sites like that. Why do they bother they’ll never rank


    Why do you care?


    Some companies will hide search results that clients don’t want people to see using negative SEO on articles and positive SEO on filler websites.

    Try putting your qeury in quotes followed by “-.ru” (no quotes).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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