Facebook says I’m not following monetization guidelines, likely because others stole my content.

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Facebook says I’m not following monetization guidelines, likely because others stole my content.

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    I have been posting content on Facebook and it’s getting some traction, but Facebook says that my page is not monetizable due to me not posting “original” content. However, I own all of the content, it’s not someone else’s, it’s not clips of other people’s work, it’s 100% mine. I am pretty sure that someone else is probably posting my work from YouTube somewhere on Facebook and that’s what’s causing the problem. Does anyone know if there some way to contact the creators group, and talk/chat/email a live person, instead of getting the run around? Or do you have any other suggestions for getting it monetized? Thanks!


    Have you put watermarks on your work? That seems like a good place to start.


    My website is not eligible for google ads because of plagiarism . I have a few sentences from wiki on my website . I’ve searched extensively if this is an issue and it shows that what I’m doing is ok . You can reproduce wiki content .


    AI and algorithms will stop you in your tracks . When you’re not doing anything wrong it’s the most frustrating .


    Find who copied your content
    Save links
    Apply for verification via Facebook page


    Facebook won’t respond to my appeals about my disabled account due to a violation of terms and services, my account has been hacked and someone else used my personal Facebook account, then Facebook disabled my account and there is no way to get it back other than submitting an appeal and provide an ID, which is exactly what I did, more than once, Facebook did not answer my appeals and I want an explanation, an answer … anything, I need my account back, it contains a lot of necessary things that I need.


    But your date should be first, copy links to your content and to their content.


    Get Facebook Rights Manager setup


    Watermark. Watermark. Watermark.

    Failure to do so is akin to leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition and the certificate of title under the front windshield wiper.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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