Facebook personal profile restricted, buying new ones with Multilogin + Residential proxies

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    Hey everyone, so I have to buy new FB profiles and I am confused about how am I supposed to run them in the safest and cheapest way (im a newbie when it comes to proxies, browser fingerprints, vps etc.) Here’s what I’m confused about:

    1. Residential proxies use rotating ip address, so that means I login with a new ip address every time, won’t that create a flag?
    2. Can I select specific residential proxy(s) to use everytime and not get a new one again and again?
    3. I’ve heard about private proxies, but while buying can I select which location’s (city/state/country) ip address do I want.
    4. The whole point of using multilogin/gologin is to remove browser fingerprints right? But what about the fingerprints of the real owner of the account im buying, Ive seen sellers saying they will give cookies as well with the facebook account, so am i supposed to add these cookies to multilogin profile which I’m creating?
    5. Is it better to use VPS and avoid all this hassle? Does a VPS allow you to create browser profiles like multilogin, and can it also provide with private/specific proxies?

    Would really appreciate it if you could any of these question. Thanks in advance for the help


    Why would you have to “buy new FB profiles”?


    Bro buy a netgear router to change your mac address which then changes your IP. Setup a profile with a different last name and then you edit your ID with that new last name. Start up your profile make it all look real like a real person all like a professional type person. By the way your using Multilogin. You use your home ip no problem because its completely fresh and never has been banned. Then you just start very slow add your self to a BM or start running PPE ads for 7 days $5 a day no problem. Then eventually after a week open up a BM. FB will then start asking to verify you by sending them ID that id is the one you made with different last name. You should be fine man.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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