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    Anyone have success doing FB for a local home care agency or something in a similar space targeting an older demographic?

    I set up a campaign a week ago and spent nearly $200 with no leads and all of the ad sets are broken out by interest. Some of the ad sets are saying “learning limited” due to my $20/day budget. I’m targeting Veteran’s biz association, motorized wheelchair, mobility aid, long term car insurance, home care, companion, family caregivers, wheelchair, and caregiving interests. I have it set to optimize for link clicks.

    My goal is to drive them to a dedicated landing page and have them fill out a form or call. This method has worked well for Google/Bing b/c of intent of search. With FB, there isn’t intent. I’m seeing people click, go to the LP, and bounce rather quickly. Perhaps the landing page needs more content? It’s just a one pager with testimonials, form, content about what they do, and CTAs.

    I’m wondering if my strategy and approach is correct to this. Thoughts?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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