Facebook doesn’t let me create business account.

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    I am trying to make an account as I now need it for my self-employment as a one-man social media agency! However, within a day or two, Facebook bans my new account, giving me absolutely NO REASON as to why and no option to find out why. The first two emails I tried creating an account with were emails through my own domains, so I thought maybe that is where the issue lays. The third time I tried with a gmail account and yet again, they have banned the account. I entered my personal info all times. With the second account I even gave them my personal phone number to unlock, came back a day or two later and IT WAS BANNED AGAIN.

    I did BARELY do ANYTHING with these accounts, just creating them and planning to use them, giving FB absolutely NO REASON for the ban. I am absolutely flabbergasted, and absolutely frustrated with this hellsite.

    It has to be some kind of automation, but I want to beat it! Contacting customer support, as you know, is impossible. It’s actually hilarious how much there is not an option to.

    If I didn’t need this platform for my business I would happily say bye bye.

    Does anyone have any clue what the f*** is going on here?


    I’m not sure why it happens, what country are you in? Maybe if you tried using a vpn + creating a new facebook profile from a new email (all created from another ip) then maybe it could work..


    Have someone else somewhere else make an account for you and then hand it over. They can add you as an admin. A friend or family member in a different location.


    I have the same problem.

    A few months back, I created an Instagram account with a Gmail id. Recently I decided to start a FB business manager account with the same ID. I created a new account & then the business manager acc, just updated the name. I logged back in the next day to finish setting up the account & I get a message that it has been banned/deleted or something. While appealing for a review, It asked me to provide a profile pic & a govt issued ID too, I hesitantly uploaded the ID & I get a response saying I have been banned & cannot create the account. No other reasoning was provided.

    The insta acc still works. I wanted to connect both accounts & advertise using that, but now I cannot. 😶

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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