Facebook CPM twice as high for US compared to last month?

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    There are is a lot of evidence that the CPM suddenly increased by a huge amount for the US.

    My personal data:
    By end of August it was somewhere about $10
    By beginning of September at $15
    Now, mid September it’s at $20

    Is this what advertisers can expect because of the election? Was it the same 4 years ago? A lot of people in groups start noticing this and I’m a bit worried about the performance for the upcomming christmas season.


    For sure it went down in March April due to Covid so is bouncing back


    This is indeed what happens around election time. Sucks.


    Ads started to perform extremely poorly all of a sudden at the end of September and is continuing to do so. Honestly not sure what’s up though it’s a bit reassuring it’s not just me. For now I’ve scaled back my ads and just hoping it bounces back soon..


    Im glad someone posted about this as I’m seeing exactly the same. I’m in the UK but have a US client and couldn’t work out why the sudden increase in costs and cpa


    Check the adsets wherein the spike in CPM has been the highest using the Inspect tool and check for auction competition,it’ll give you a data trend if any to back up the hypothesis of rising CPMs

    Post that,ideally,if you have a conversion objective try optimising for a lower than usual conversion event to target higher intent audiences. The logic herein being that CPMs are not in your direct control so present top funnel metrics are bound to rise. So you get more high intent audience than usual to reduce impact on your lower funnel cost metrics


    same here.. performance of all of our conversion campaigns went down the drain as of mid/end of August and continue to doing so.. we tested optimizing for top of the funnel, different audiences, creatives.. no improvements so far. I’ll be relieved if that is due to the election season, gives hope we can revive eventually..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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