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    Hi guys, I started advertising but if i schedule my ads and i go to sleep the next morning i stand up it only spend like a dollar in 6 hours but my budget is 20 dollars do you and it stops for the entire day at the dollar or less do you guys know what can be the cause of this or what i can do BECAUSE I TRIED EVERYthing i think and i tried it 3 days in a row


    Hey, I can check it if you can show me your ads manager


    If you already checked the amount of $ spend by day, bidding strategy and its designated $, times of the day, location, segmentation, etc. Did you check your keywords?


    How big is your audience? Are you setting your budget for the campaign or the ad set? Did you check if you have your ads set to run at specific times?


    It’s a wide spread issue right now


    Same issues. For an audience of 2 mil lol.

    No explenation why. I see in other groups other people are facing same issues


    You need to check if there is a limited audience notification. If you did everything right and theres no warning, it’s usually the audience being too narrow. You should also check whether you use total budget or daily budget. If you used total budget but have a very long campaign run time the algorithm might throttle it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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