Facebook Ads Manager is Not Working, and It Will Be the Death of Me

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    Hiya! This is actually my first Reddit post EVER. 🙂 I have been running Facebook ads since 2016 with only minimal issues. But the last three days, it’s making me want to tear my hair out! I loaded some ads on Thursday, September 10. After being “in review” forever, they went to “active” but then nothing was happening (no ad spend, no activity). On Friday, September 11, I noticed they got shut off, so I re-published them. This morning, they were shut off again.

    I found this page that seemed to explain the glitch: [https://status.fb.com/history](https://status.fb.com/history) *(see screenshots below)* But Facebook says the disruptions have now been resolved.

    So just in case the original ads were corrupted, I deleted my campaigns today and started over. But the same thing keeps happening! I cannot figure out how to fix this, and I am already several days late launching this campaign for a project we’re working on. But it seems out of my control now. Anyone else experiencing madness with Facebook Ads Manager right now?


    Hey. Yeah, it’s been pretty unstable lately. Too bad Fb doesn’t have an offline tool, like Google Editor.

    2 things worth mentioning:
    1 – from a marketer POV: always have a plan B. I know GDN takes forever to approve, specially since COVID, but it’s fairly easy to set up and have some data piling up for later analysis. It’s not always possible, but when it is, sometimes customers prefer some action better than no action.
    2 – from an human POV: it’s not your fault. You are not late, you are responsible and dependable. You just have to explain how you exhausted every other option.

    Also, and this is probably not even worth mentioning, but try from an incognito window.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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