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    Just want to see if anyone of u is managing e commerce clients with Google ads for ur agency and the tracking solutions u implemented on their accounts.

    We all know e commerce tracking can get much more complicated than just install “dynamic tracking tags” on the confirmation page.

    Nowdays, many e comm clients provide multiple payment solutions for the customers. Sending them to PayPal, Cash on Delivery, Pay Later, Pay by Installments solutions. Most of them either happen on a 3rd party site (like paypal, Pay by installments) or Cash on Delivery which happens in real life.

    For people managing e commerce clients, my question is, how have u solved these issues for ur clients? Thanks.


    At checkout page I take payment type and save it to cookie for custom ga push obj at confirmation page. If client likes to scrutinise, custom reports can work from tbere. Majority of my client just focus on sales per channel, rather per payment type etc. as long they are in profit, all is good.


    only google analytics can track paypal, google pay cant be tracked. Amazon pay, klarna, affirm, all tracking black holes. Bitcoin? Had a client request that, nah.

    You accept a tradeoff of not being able to track those users, when you use those services.
    A way around it is to fire the rev event when people click “place order” but its not the same.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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