Dynamic Facebook URL Parameter for {{placement}} gone. Anyone else?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Dynamic Facebook URL Parameter for {{placement}} gone. Anyone else?

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    In my Facebook ads, I’ve always used the dynamic parameters for Campaign Source, opting for {{placement}}. This week, I started getting an ad error message from Facebook saying:


    “The following dynamic parameters are not supported at this time: {{placement}}”.

    Has anyone else seen this error message on their ads with dynamic URL parameters?


    Any thoughts on how best to set the Source parameter now that this option gone?

    (also, why the heck is it gone!?)


    Thanks for posting this, made me realize I have that error message also.

    I’m currently running ads (made a week ago) that have placement as a utm param, and they are tracking accurately today in Google Analytics. Looks like they won’t let you create new ads with these params though.

    Maybe this is part of the IOS14 changes. Not certain.


    New ads are working for me, I am getting a caution sign next to those utm parameters (for example site_source_name) but when I tested it the link out on my newsfeed, everything populated properly.


    Following iOS14 and changes to Facebook off the back of it, it will no longer be possible to segment reports by gender, age, placement. Makes sense that this would impact the dynamic placement tagging too


    One ad set for each placement and a UTM?


    Mine are all fine atm


    Wow that is so weird O.o i am using these but I haven’t yet seen this error

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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