Does Google know what my website is about? (for internal linking)

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    Say I have a website that is in the construction industry, and I am looking to create meaningful internal linking.

    Does Google understand that my site is generally about construction (and thus the links will likely be construction-related), or must that information be in the link itself or in the immediate surrounding text?

    E.g. would link copy like: “Get information about the latest anchors” or “Learn how to complete your application more efficiently” work, or would it be better to have some construction related copy directly surrounding that text?

    The reason I am asking is that there is a lot of construction-specific language, which has an entirely different meaning in other industries, e.g.

    * Anchor (fastener) vs. Anchor (boating)
    * Application (way of doing certain work) vs. Application (computer program)
    * Designer (sb. who designs buildings, a specifier) vs. Designer (fashion / web, etc.)
    * Joint (connection between two elements, e.g. concrete slabs) vs. Joint (anatomy or spliff)
    * Tender (offer to a bid) vs. Tender (dinghy)

    So I am wondering if Google would mistake any of that for content or links relating to another industry, if it’s not explicitly linked to the construction industry?


    with your internal linking you should be linking to pages using anchor text that will support the keywords youve optimised the page you are linking to.


    With Google’s advances in linguistic understanding (BERT, GPT-3, etc.), the crawler should be able to understand that your site is about construction and not, say, boating. I’m sure you have enough construction-specific terms in your content that the generic types of words listed will become clear through context.

    Your anchor text does not need to be full sentences long – just your keyword or a phrase with your keyword in it will do.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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