Do you use animated text in your videos to make them look better?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Do you use animated text in your videos to make them look better?

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    I’ve noticed a slight increase in engagement when I use animated text on my videos with my community.

    I haven’t tried paid video ADs yet. I do notice the good ads between my stories leverage text that stands out because my audio might be on mute, with eye-catching text, whatever message they’re trying to get across is much more likely to stick.

    I am curious to know your thoughts on animated text. I would also like to know which ones you find the most attractive. I’ve built a little tool where I make them by hand and share them for free. I have 14 options, and I would like to add more this week, and curious to know if you like animations and which ones would you like to see.

    Overall I am curious to learn more about your thoughts around this particular subject.



    It’s really more about aesthetics and what people find attractive. The animated text itself doesn’t mean increased engagement rather the type of animation and how well it blends in with your video.


    In general, videos with subtitles/texts do a lot better because most people have their videos on mute or their phones in silent mode.


    Anytime something moves or changes it resets their attention, so your engagement will increase.


    We also use animated text in our content to attract attention among our viewers. But it also has to be kept on a minimum. Find attractive fonts and set appropriate font sizes. Never overload content with words. We hope this helped.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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