Do you find buying Facebook or Twitter followers more useful?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Do you find buying Facebook or Twitter followers more useful?

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    I’ve bought a ton of Facebook followers and sometimes I can get a pretty decent price around 20 to 30 cents per like. However, the issue with Facebook is its algorithm. Even if someone likes your page, they probably won’t see anything you post, unless it’s some mindless meme. So you have to pay to “boost” it, which means you’re double-paying and that’s for every post you want people to see.

    But then there’s Twitter. It’s expensive to get a follower, well over 50 cents in most cases. But there’s no algorithm problems here. You tweet something, your followers will generally see it. It doesn’t get buried for no reason like it would on Facebook. Plus if someone retweets, that grows your reach. However, is anyone on Twitter even a real person anymore? It just seems like a lot of bots and spam, and the only real people left are only interested in arguing politics.

    So where would you invest these days?


    Neither. Buying them fucks you over massively and ruins your organic reach. The only way to grow is with great content and funneling traffic to their preferred pages.

    Anything you buy followers on is basically a dead page and will have to be recreated if you ever want decent growth rates out of it.


    What do you mean by buying followers? Because when you buy them it’s bots so they won’t interact with the page

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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