Do pages take a while after indexing to reach their “deserved” position?

Forum White Hat SEO Do pages take a while after indexing to reach their “deserved” position?

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    I have many pages ranking in the page 1 or sometimes 2 of Google. Recently, after manually indexing a page on Google it starts out in the 8th or 9th page. Is this normal behavior? Other pages remain unaffected.


    Deserved is a stretch. Remember it’s an average position, not a definitive position. Google no longer looks at results from a defined #1 position, but a flow of position based on personal search results of a user. If you are a NICHE, you will almost always rank highly until the competition starts to come into the market.

    Also, remember just because you get a page added to the index, it does not mean it is somehow is a “deserved” position. Backlinking to the page is ultimately what determines the authority of the page on the given subject (as long as the backlinks carry some sort of authority in a related topic as well). Internal linking can also help boost a new page but sacrifices some of its “authority” if the internal page is ranking for similar keywords.


    When I manually index one, it receives a peak of impressions the first day for random queries not very relevant, then almost no impressions and after a week or so it goes up until the second page usually. Then I try to reach first positions with the usual techniques.

    I’ve always thought this is the time Google needs to deep analyze and understand what your content is about, but not sure if others think the same…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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