Client just gave me $1,000/month budget for SEO tools. What should I go for?

Forum White Hat SEO Client just gave me $1,000/month budget for SEO tools. What should I go for?

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    I’m in this unique position where I have $1,000/month at my disposal for any SEO tools I may want. I’m fairly new to the SEO game so I thought I’d reach out and see what you guys would go for if you were in my position. So far, I’m considering:




    **And kind of half/half on:**

    Moz Pro

    Screaming Frog


    12$ per hour 20 hour a week content writer and assistant 😛


    Definitely SEMRush, which IMO already covers most of what you need (keyword research, competitor research, backlink database, site crawler, content helper). If you need some solid on-demand crawling, Screaming Frog is a no-brainer or for more powerful automated crawling I’d recommend Ryte (OnCrawl is also supposed to be pretty good).

    Since you have the budget, Moz is a tool I’ve always liked, even though there’s quite a bit of overlap with SEMRush (same issue with ahrefs).

    If you’re going to do quite a bit of linkbuilding, you’ll probably want to get a tool to help you with outreach. I remember BuzzStream being a cool solution for this.


    Ahrefs for backlinks. Semrush for everything else.


    With that kind of budget I would sign up for several and use them all: SEMRush and Screaming Frog for sure, you can add ahrefs and Ubersuggest for a different perspective.

    – implement Google Analytics within SEMRush to track rankings and create project, also use SEMRush to focus on moving page 2 keyword rankings to page 1, below the fold page 1 rankings to above the fold and their Competitive Analysis is also helpful for keyword ideas.

    – use Screaming Frog to check titles and meta descriptions, manage duplicates or empty, sitemaps, images, canonicalisation of your website, etc.

    – ahrefs for banklink discovery and supplementary keyword research, a few more tidbits here than SEMRush

    – Ubersuggest offers pretty much the same info as above but nicely displays keyword breath for each page, targeting multiple keywords per same page… recommend you check your pages and competitors for LSI ideas.

    BONUS: Image SEO Optimization / Image Server CDN
    – You need to check out and host your images via image CDN/Server. Dynamically manage images on the fly, responsive and most optimized/compressed image served per browser, lazy loading, 360, resize, etc.

    I am affiliate with Sirv and have used all of the above products religiously with much success.

    Contact and tell them seofixes sent ya for more help on hosting images for SEO benefits

    If you have any more questions on strategy I am happy to help you


    Ubersuggest and Moz are waste of time.

    The other tools are best in class for sure. SEMrush is one of the most complete full suite of tools available for search marketing. If I was only going to subscribe to one tool, that would be the one.

    Honestly though, just buying tools because you have the money available is going about things backwards. You should be creating a strategy with a detailed list of what needs to be done and then finding the proper tools that fit into that strategy and make your tasks easier, faster, and/or more efficient.

    For example, if you will be doing a lot of content creation and/or editing existing content and want to be able to create detailed briefs to send to your writers, Surfer SEO might be a tool you want to consider. It’s great at what it does, but at the same time if you are not doing that it is just a waste of money.


    I recommend investing in the backlinking tools mentioned throughout this thread. But don’t bother buying services that “promise” you backlinks. There are a few useful ones out there (I recommend Hoth) but you need to make sure the sites linking to you have good domain authority and you can find those in any of the tools listed in the thread.


    SEMrush is fantastic. It does everything I need. I love Ahrefs too but can’t justify the expense of both right now.


    Ahrefs and Screaming Frog are the must-have basics. You can do pretty much everything with them.


    I’ve worked with SEO for 10 years and Screaming frog is the most important SEO tool out there. All tools just do things you can do pretty much by your self. But SF simplifies things that takes a lot of time, and is very versatile. So go for that for sure.


    ahrefs, cora, screaming frog, page optimizer pro.


    fairly new to the seo game, yet have a $1000 budget for tools alone and don’t even know where to spend it?

    It depends where your morals are but I’d suggest quitting.


    I couldn’t work without CORA. It’s far and away the best tool out there. $1k could get you CORA, AHrefs, SEMRush and SEO PowerSuite.


    What sort of Client is it if you don’t mind me asking?

    I mean it depends on what you need, usually I would suggest going for SEMrush or Ahrefs, the rest is just crap you don’t need.

    Forget Moz and Ubersuggest completely.

    As others have mentioned, go for either SEMrush or Ahrefs, probably SEMrush.

    But, it does depend on what the client needs, if it’s a global market and you need to do a lot of guest posts and you don’t want to pay others to reach out, then I would go for ahrefs, hunter and gmass/mailshake.

    If it’s a local client probably just SEMrush, you don’t really need screaming frog for 1-2 audits you can just buy one for $10 or get one for free.

    As u/ClickedMarketing spend the rest on content or even Surfer SEO and maybe links if you have trusted vendors, but make sure to be careful with anchors.


    Don’t spend it all, you need to make a profit after all.

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