Can you tell me what you think of this quote?

Forum White Hat SEO Can you tell me what you think of this quote?

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    This feels a bit high to me. I know SEO is very valuable but I’m not 100% sold on the deliverables here. Background: I am a marketing manager looking to hire an SEO company, have worked with other SEO companies in the past, I have also content written for an SEO company professionally.
    — Also, how important do you guys think it is that an SEO company specializes in your industry?
    Thank you in advance for your input!

    These are direct quotes:
    $1,000/month: 1 piece of content, maybe 1 hour of link building, local citations and maybe 1 other SEO tactic
    $4,000/month: roughly 2 pieces of onsite content, 1 offsite, 2 hours link building.
    $10,000/month: onsite content (typically 4-6 pieces), offsite content for link building (typically 2-3 pieces), 4-5 hours of link building, local citations, directories and one other SEO tactic.


    Seems a little high. How long and in-depth is the content?


    Wow – man that’s darn expensive for the given SoW. SEO gives long-tail returns, and generally I’ve see is between 6 months that when you start getting (the first realization) and around 10-11 months where you actually start getting the graph build up. A total of 15m timeline will help you build a strong presence and get hold over the SEO. Now these agencies sell the FoMo to clients and focus on Content.

    Well, wait! If content is SEO – I’d hire a Content Writer V/s hiring a SEO Agency. SEO is more than just a content, it’s a creative work, that requires understanding of your Market, your Clients, Your User-base, and thinking from a User perspective . If I’m your user, what I will be looking at? What domains or what authority I’m trying to search here with your business etc? How is the experience when I visit your site and so on. It’s the journey from Google Search to Landing on your Website Front-Page and that entire Journey is SEO. Content is part / tactic and strategy and not the base of it.

    I’m starting up with SEO Agency and can offer the same $10k deal at flat 50% discount for you, at $5k/mo with 6 month retainer contract and with lot more value addition and dedication – I believe in long-term people and long-term games. Hit me up in DM, if you would want to take this forward. The first clients are special clients. <3 You see results, and we increase the budgets., Our growth is with yours.

    Here is what I’d propose:

    – Research, Research and Research, Working on the keywords and driving the content based on that and not just rambling about “Here how you do 5 things” or “Top 5 xxxx tools to help you grow” etc. That just does not work.

    – Writing the write amount of Content – We are not in the essay writing business. Write valuable content, crisp, short and quick CTAs.

    – Local Sites and Listing – Listing your business on MLS Websites

    – Optimizing your On-page Content and all those crazy HTML Tags, Right? (Will be Using the Tech here) Do you have your own tech team? if not – My team can pull your code-base (This will be Add-on tho) 🙂

    – Back-links -> Back links is like Digital Currency of the SEO World, I Will also work out with some High-Traffic Content sites and Creators within your space, that will generate Back-links to your Website thus driving a little more Authority and Traffic for you.

    Excited to get started?


    It’s different for everyone. As it’s real work where you need results try multiple seo services and use that works for you. I have tried multiple times to get the results.


    Sounds scammy. Selling SEO like it’s some product on a shelf in quantities is very old-school. Also, using the word “maybe” in a pitch just kills any credibility they had before. Might as well say that you won’t do it. As well as “other SEO tactic”, you either say what you will do or you don’t. They’re already lying in their pitch.


    Is that 1 piece of content per month for 1000$?

    What does even 1 hour of link building mean?

    I think you can get better options for these prices


    Specialising in your industry IMO just means they will have less time for research becuase they know their stuff but this is a bit weird to me. Counter competitive maybe🤔.

    Regarding your quotes. That very expensive for content and very cheap for link building IMO.

    These citations etc can be set up VERY easily yourself.

    I work for an agency in Northern Ireland if you want to give us a shout?


    Daylight robbery. Do the link building yourself or hire someone direct. That’s just what they’ll probably do or you’ll end up with shit links. Also, that content delivery is awful too. Again, you’d be better off just hiring a writer direct.


    Nope to their offering. I don’t think it’s important for a company to be an expert in your industry. To me it sounds like templates work imo


    Absolutely too high. Run from this.


    Update interested to know what you ended up deciding to do.

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