Can wiki style pages dilute your relevancy?

Forum White Hat SEO Can wiki style pages dilute your relevancy?

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    Say you have a movie website where you publish reviews, trivia and other interesting topics relating to movies. Would it make sense to consume a movie API and have this info available on your website in the form of dedicated movie pages/directors etc.

    So if toy story 4 was getting reviewed. The review would have an Info box with some basic facts about the movie and when you click it, it brings you to the movie page where you can see actors, directors and so on. It’s relevant content to the niche but it provides no value to a search engine since it is not unique. It’s from a public API. Is this just diluting the niche. 100 movie reviews and posts are a small % of the pages since there might be 50’000 movie pages.


    I think you’re right to be concerned about adding all those pages.

    I’d suggest putting them all in a folder that you block from the search engines. Then you don’t need to worry about them consuming all your crawl budget or confusing google’s impression of your site.

    Or even better – get all the content in your database and just load them as modals when someone clicks on a link on your review page. That way they won’t even have pages dedicated to them and it should make a big difference to how appealing your review pages are.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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