Can MLM (Pyramid Schemes) be profitable with PPC?

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    Looking around online and stumbled across Arbonne – a typical MLM. They offer you the ability to set up your own storefront with an affiliate tag on the end of the URL. ie

    Looking around I have found minimal competition on their own keywords and Arbonne doesn’t market themselves, leaving room for these “consultants” to market.

    Supposedly you get 35% cut of any sales that are made through your link – with this method you’re essentially hijacking their traffic to come through your own referral.

    Anyone looked into this before? Could be an alternative way to actually make money off an MLM.


    Maybe if you’re the one on the sales end of the MLM. But I’ve always turned down clients that are trying to promote them. It always seems like a losing endeavor.

    On the other side, there is a real estate company that operates much like an MLM and I have helped clients get recruits via PPC and that has been profitable for them.


    I don’t suggest it. [It’s against Facebook Ad Policy.]( There is no policy addressing MLM for Google Ads but you might get flagged with [Abusing the Ad Network.]( Considering the average cost per click and conversion rates for ecommerce and the fact you’re only getting a 35% cut, seems like a great way to lose money.


    Go away. This is terrible. There is plenty of honest money to be made.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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