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    I’m using Weglot and have 1 additional language for spanish but it looks like its generating the translated pages at every visit which is slowing down my speed in mobile to a 49 score but desktop is not that impacted at 90. Does having a spanish option with this Weglot plugin improve SEO in any way or is it doing more harm than good? Or should I save all the pages indiviually in spanish and get rid of the plugin? Any thoughts?


    I’m using the multilingual platform of WML which provides all the necessary facilities for all the processes. Still didn’t think to change it.


    I’m using transposh. Haven’t noticed any impact on page speed. And my translated pages have started to rank. Plus it’s free. So, a shout for Transposh.


    TranslatePress and WPML are two best multi-language WordPress plugins for SEO.


    It’s not cheap but WPML does the job excellently and is great for translating content. Plus it has integrations with other popular plugins and makes also string translation pretty simple.


    I’ve only used WPML which I’ve had zero problems with besides how bulky it is. It’s really bloated and want to explore other options. WPML really does a great though


    Hey, Eugene from Weglot here.

    I’m sorry that you’re experiencing slowdowns.

    * Having a Spanish option does improve your SEO! All your translated pages are automatically indexed on Google so it’ll bring you new traffic from a Spanish-speaking audience
    * Weglot is only “creating” the translated pages and translations at the first visit of a page (by a human visitor or bot). So the added response time should mainly happen once and then the response time should be a lot quicker
    * Then your translated pages are cached by your cache solution too so it shouldn’t slow down the speed (on mobile and desktop) once they’re are cached

    Our support team can have a deeper look at your specific case. Please send us an email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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