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    Right now I use Facebook ads to bring users to a form on my site (as I need more than just their name and email). Went from $0.17 cost per lead to about $1.50 during this toxic time so I’m looking for alternatives.

    Been wanting to get into Google ads but not educated enough to know a good strategy for generating leads through there.

    Any ideas on how and what platform is the most effective for generating leads?


    Google for sure – strategy is the same no matter what they say – right message, right eyes and right time

    Need to dedicate some time to it at the start and dont listen to the googlers – test test test


    It depends on the target market and offer, it’s usually either Google Ads or Facebook Ads. What’s your offer?


    Google ads, been using it to successfully generate leads for almost 10 years now. Been through all the “its too expensive!” bitching and complaining and I just laugh. I hear your “Never been as expensive as it is now” but still I’m still killing it on XX million/yr spend.


    Targeted Google search campaigns with the right keyword research done can get you clicks for 0.05 with high conversions if everything is marketed as efficient as possible.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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