Became social media officer this year – looking for advice on a few FB issues (auto-blocking Page name change, wrongly auto-converting posts into “Jobs”)

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Became social media officer this year – looking for advice on a few FB issues (auto-blocking Page name change, wrongly auto-converting posts into “Jobs”)

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    Hi all, my first post here.

    I’m the “Social Media Officer” for my uni law student society where I manage its FB Page+Group, Instagram account, and website. I’m also an admin of the online student FB groups (a main law group plus about 30 subject groups).

    Now that I use FB every day for more work-like purposes, my experience with it has changed and I find myself feeling like I’m headbutting a brick wall with some of its UI/UX decisions sometimes. In general I often wish I had people I who use it for more professional purposes to ask for advice, tips, etc.

    So, my first question: **is this the right Reddit for me?**

    Second, wonder if anyone can shed some light on some current issues with FB:

    1. **is there any way to submit actual support tickets to FB (not just “feedback”)** – if so, how? E.g. currently, we want to change a Page name but caught by an automatic blocker which (wrongly) says the desired name change is not “relevant” even though it is, with no apparent way to appeal or do anything about it.
    2. **is there any way to stop or undo FB automatically converting certain posts into “Jobs”?** E.g. I am sharing a post to inform students that positions in the Uni student council are open for nomination with a link to the nomination form. It is not a job position nor managed by us. But FB decides its a job position that we are looking to fill and converts it to a job, but it is not a job. There appears to be no way to undo or say no to this?


    As a side question – I’m also curious about what the general attitude of professionals is towards design decisions like this.

    When I studied systems analysis and design way back, we had strict rules about being intuitive and not taking control away from users. Aside from the above issues, I noticed inconsistencies like if you make a poll on a Page it is more limited than if you make a poll on a Group. The new FB design has removed the “see all notifications” option, which makes keeping track of requests to join groups a pain.

    I feel like all of those old textbook rules are thrown out the window, yet no one seems to complain?


    1. No there isn’t really, unless you’ve got a contact in dev who can do it for you _or_ you’re doing the bug bounty thing.

    2. No there isn’t, only thing you can do is to change the syntax of the posting so it doesn’t get picked up as a job posting.

    Also, I’m surprised you’re a Social Media Officer with clearly no training or experience… Using fb for casual/personal purposes and using it for a business/organisation are, as you can see, two different things entirely 🤦‍♂️

    Handing management to someone who doesn’t even know the basics isn’t the greatest idea and might end up being a disaster… But not my org.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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