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    Hi everyone!

    I’m a small business owner who has been working myself on my SEO and occasionally paying someone to do some on-page things and now I’m afraid I’m feeling a little stuck. I know my next move is Backlinks (with a capitol B), but they seem mystical or magical and I’m spinning my wheels a little.

    I need help and as much as I’m enjoying learning more about SEO, it’s time for me to stop spending so much time looking at competitors backlinks and find someone to help me have my own awesome report full of my very own backlinks. I want other website owners to do a secret analysis of my website and to think “Wow! Soooo many backlinks!”

    I’m putting all my hopes on Reddit. Does anyone have a referral or recommendation for someone (you, perhaps?) who would be able to help me get all. the. backlinks. Or maybe not all, but more than one.

    If it helps, here’s a little about me, or rather, my business.

    I own a small mental health private practice (Hi! I’m a therapist!) in a large city in California. Think the land of the tech giants. It’s just myself and one employee, but the plan is for more employees in the future.

    Is there anyone you (the collective Reddit you) could recommend or anyone looking for work who can share their experience/results?

    As always, thanks very much for the help.


    I’m not a real fan of backlinks nor am I looking to earn your business for something else, but if you’d like to PM me the link, I can take a look and see if there is something else you might be missing. In return, I’d like your permission to tell my wife that a therapist prescribed me to watch football and NASCAR all day long for my health and safety (kidding).


    Hey Bloo, great to hear that you are enjoying learning about SEO.

    If you send me the link to your website I’d be happy to highlight some opportunities.

    Backlinks are important, but there might be other quick wins you can do to get ranking.


    Backlinks are all about the approach. Instead of thinking how can I ‘get’ this from them, think what can I offer them for a link in return? Free therapeutic consultation? Write an amazing article that includes your target domain, and then tell them about the article so hopefully they share it. Guest blogging for other websites, etc…


    I think that backlinks are the ‘new’ seo trend that everyone things is super important. Are they important, sure, but is it necessary to spend money? Likely not. There are so many ways to gain customers. Do link outreach it feels natural, but I wouldn’t spend money unless you’re a national business.

    If you’re local, and it sounds like you are – Google My Business should be high on your list if not #1. Work on your website, on-page SEO, UX making sure your copy is tested and refined. Content wouldn’t hurt. Look into citations or citation services like brightlocal. Then look into social ads.


    PM me i l give your website all backlinks it have


    I keep on saying in my various talks that Backlinks are like currency. Some value penny and some value millions but they are impacting on the SEO process.

    If you DM your site happy to help with analysis and we can take ahead further.


    Create backlinks on health niche sites and guest posting you can also opt local directory, citations, classified ads and bookmarking high DA


    Same question for me.




Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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