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    Hi everyone

    I’m asking on behalf of Tony Hudgell’s mom [](

    She doesn’t get financial support from the government, so set up a Just Giving page. It’s been a slow process. I discovered she is also on Social Media. But as we all know, reach can be as issue. I advised that she should consider promoting for visibility to a wider, more relevant audience

    Her IG page is not a business account. That can be changed.

    She has a FB Page with 3K followers but hasn’t posted since June. [](

    She posts from her personal account [](

    Would it be best to promote content from the Page (hasn’t been used since June) or the Personal account (frequently posts there)?

    What is best in general – Promoting an account or promoting content? I think she needs to grow the community (which suggests, promoting the account), but I’m also mindful that people making donations, usually only donate once (possible reason to promote posts instead)

    Also – it would be great to hear your thoughts on *who* the target should be. I have a couple of thoughts on this but not sure. I’d like to put a plan together. I understand this part of the task would be experimental

    Thank you so much in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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