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    I own a relatively authoritative website in health niche. Our articles are medically reviewed to comply with YMYL and EAT guidelines.

    I published an article on a keyword that got ranked in the first page of Google after 2 days. However, it got pushed down 6 positions making me lose all the traffic I got.

    Is there any reason behind it?


    Algo update is rolling out right now. There will be fluctuations in the SERPs for about 1 more week. I’d hold off on any analysis until the update is fully rolled out.


    Give it at least 2 weeks to find its place.


    If you check on Neil patel free tool

    Tpye keyword…………. Keywords require how much domain authority and backlinks. If someone have all these things greater thn you, he can easily rank. Also one more thing I want to add. What is bounce rate for this page, if it’s high Google may think low and lower it’s position. Hope this may clear your answer. Or maybe some other reasons are possible too


    Stop chasing rankings for individual keywords. There’s always flux and either way it’s pointless because you can’t control the SERPs for individual keyword rankings.

    Instead, focus on overall, organic traffic growth to a page. Because if traffic is rising for a particular page, it means that the corresponding keywords that it’s ranking for are also rising higher/gaining more visibility, etc.


    Did you just publish the article? Wait for it to stabilize. Is it an old article? Update it with your new knowledge on what keywords it’s picking up.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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