Are .edu backlinks from scholarship pages still useful?

Forum White Hat SEO Are .edu backlinks from scholarship pages still useful?

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    I thought the old scholarship backlink trick didn’t really work anymore, but the last several competitor audits (local businesses outranking my clients) I’ve done have turned up a bunch of .edu backlinks.

    They require some buy-in from the client, of course, but are .edu backlinks like that still worth going after?


    According to the SEJ webinar I just listened to this afternoon: Yes. This dude who’s really good says it works well. Worth the relationship investment to get them.

    Also said to ignore Google, as they have no incentive to help any business rank organically so they… Mislead.


    Ahrefs shows us how many .edu backlinks we get. My understanding is yes, they are still useful.


    I dont know about the scolarship ones but in general edu backlinks are a huge flag, im talking about the shitty ones obv..


    They certainly work, but unless you have relationships at universities, I don’t recommend spending time on it. It can be very time consuming with a very low success rate. Not to mention a lot of schools are moving towards scholarship databases like BigFuture.


    Are you referring to offering a small scholarship and then getting a university to link to the page for it?

    If so – yes, edu is still valuable & works. But the process is convoluted and universities are getting smarter.

    Just note that if the page has tons of spammy backlinks to sites Google believes is fraudulent or phishing, it will devalue or disavow the page.


    Right now yes but in future may be it wont because people are spamming it.


    Edu **backlinks are** educational links, sites with . … In a nutshell, a few quality edu **backlinks** can significantly boost your ranking and help you get on top of the SERPs faster. On the other hand, there **is** an equal number of SEO experts who point out that most edu and gov **backlinks are** actually worthless


    Edu backlinks is the powerfully backlinks for any website


    i does help but i think with condition…for example my plumbing site got links from art university>>this doesn’t have any positive effect

    blog in tech niche having links from computer science university>>> helps a lot

    im not sure but i think there’s some topical relevance algorithm in actions here

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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