Any SEO Tool recommendations? Paid or unpaid. I know of Moz (SEOMoz), and nothing else.

Forum White Hat SEO Any SEO Tool recommendations? Paid or unpaid. I know of Moz (SEOMoz), and nothing else.

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    Any SEO Tool recommendations? Paid or unpaid. I know of Moz (SEOMoz), and nothing else.


    I recommend Ahref.


    Because SEO is such a vital component of marketing and business these days, new software solutions that help you bring your website to the top of search engine results are difficult without a proper tool to analysis. As a result, I decided to tell a list of the top free SEO tools that have been tried and really work.

    You can go to specific tools here:

    Google keyword planner

    Google analytics

    Google search console

    Google data studio

    Google PageSpeed Insights

    Keywords everywhere

    WMS- everywhere

    Free Moz tools

    Open admin tools

    SEO Minion



    Free Ahrefs Keyword Generator




    Ardor Metadata Length Checker.


    In my day to day work, I use 4 tools: Google Search Console, SEMRush, Anref and Google Keyword Planner.

    For example, GSC (search console) is the most accurate way to see your page ranking trends.

    SEMRush is great for doing general research on keywords, competitor data, general trends and keeping track of dates that you update the site (as well as algorithm updates).

    I’ve used Anref and Google Keyword Planner primarily for discovery of keywords (mostly long-tail). These will show how difficult it is to rank as well as how much you would hypothetically spend on ads. This again, depends on your KPIs (i.e. what qualifies as a lead). Is it a click? Or a form fill? Google Ads can be very tricky depending on your line of work.

    If your market is SUPER niche, the two later tools will be useless because search volume will not necessarily apply to you. If you’re looking for content ideas, these are both great places to start. Local SEO and a general look into where you currently sit with others would be with GSC and SEMRush – SpyFu is also another alternative to SEMRush.

    There are ways to cheat the SEMRush subscriptions – not sure exactly how, but I know my company is on a basic/free account and still gets monthly reports. Legacy data will not pull in your dashboard but it may still be accessible.

    Hope this helps!




    There are plenty of free and paid tools. I use Ahrefs and Sem-Rush for keyword research and Moz for Seo audits. To check trust flow of any website I prefer using Magistic. For free tools you can go with Google data Studio, ubersuggest and many others.


    There are lots of tools out there for all sorts of different things. What is it you specifically want to do?


    I see no one mention they have pretty good data. It took me a while to find this one as it’s not marketed much. Basically google planner but without needing to spend on ads plus you see all the search data.


    Hey! Hope you’re well. I recently built [](, which allows you to easily generate new optimised copy using AI, with auto included SEO keyword suggestions for descriptions, blogs, landing pages and more. You can get a free trial to generate 1000 words per 30 days 🔥


    You can also use, screaming frog for audit, sooville for keyword research, hope thai will help, after read above comments I found these unique, hope this help


    Just switched from Moz to SEMRush. Wish I had done it sooner.


    Lowfruitz, SEOwl, Ahrefs, Keyword insights…

    just some food for thoughts but there are many out there

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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