An inactive user on Instagram has our brand name. How do I get the username?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media An inactive user on Instagram has our brand name. How do I get the username?

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    Hi, I would like to know if there is today another way to get a brand name from an inactive account without spending on FB and talking to your Facebook account manager?

    I have read:

    Thank you for your time and expertise 🙂


    One of the solutions is to get the name trademarked so that you can file a copyright/trademark violation report and attempt to claim that the name is yours.

    You can also wait for Instagram to purge the account. There’s no guarantee that the name will be purged from the Instagram account but it is possible that the username might become available again.


    You ask the user and offer something.


    You don’t. You come with a name that no one already claimed.


    I have to agree with things below – it just isn’t going to happen.


    If the user is inactive and it’s practically impossible to get that username, so what ai’d suggest is using a full stop (.) between your brand name if it has two words or adding .official
    ahead of your brand name or maybe some other word depending on your niche.
    There are certain tricks like using zero (0) instead of an O in the name too if that might help.


    White hat: I’ve only had luck taking over abandoned social account if it’s an exact match name for a trademark I’m representing. Additionally, the account has to have been abandoned for at least 12 months and/or posted content that could make consumers believe it is an official account of the trademark holder.

    *Edit:* I have only gotten that to work, when communicating with an email address that is from an exact match .com domain name. So if the username was *@RandomWidgets*, I’m only going to get a response from customer service reps if I’m emailing from something like *[email protected]*

    Grey/Black hat: You’ve got a few guesses at their password, before the account gets locked up. Try the username, try the username followed by “1!”, try the username backwards. Do not do this *before* reaching out to FB.


    there are companies that do this sort of thing for you, it’s expensive but they’ll get it for you.


    125th option; locate the user and terminate with extreme prejudice.

    126th option; don’t get caught.


    As a regular Joe you have absolutely no way to get the name in a traditional sense.

    You need to get a favor from someone.

    And you will probably have to pay for it.


    There’s a good chance that one of the first few people to follow the account is the account owner. Put your Columbo hat on and get to work.


    You could reach out to someone who is their friend or tagged in pictures and have them tell the pissin irl

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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