Am I in a gray zone with this Instagram Contest idea?

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    Getting lost in all the laws and rules and regulations that they have, so I’d appreciate some advice from you guys.

    I’m a music producer.
    I want to host a contest (tournament) between rappers who have obtained a license of my instrumental (for money). Basically that’s the way to enter the contest.
    8 rappers in total, I make posts of them going 1v1 rapping on the same instrumental, and people vote in the comments either “1” or “2”. The 4 winners then progress into the other round and the same thing happens again, then again, and a definite winner of the contest is chosen and is awarded a Prize.

    Am I allowed to pull this off on Instagram? I also plan to Boost every post.


    Why would you not?


    That’s perfectly fine within the Instagram ToS.


    I actually just attended a webinar on the laws of promotions this week and the host defined an illegal lottery as prize + chance + consideration. The consideration is that they have to buy the track from you to participate. Chance is the voting. And the prize is obvious. In my non-lawyer opinion, it sounds like you may be in a legal grey area when it comes to your setup and may want to remove either the chance or consideration aspect, which would make it a “sweepstakes” or “competition” and thus legal. Then, as long as you have thorough promotion rules posted alongside the promotion, you should be covered.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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