Am I being duped paying for ads on FB/insta?

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    I run targeted ads for both platforms using Facebook’s Ads Manager for my biz page. As my ad starts gaining momentum on Instagram (likes but no engagement), I look to see who is liking it. I notice that 1 in 5 accounts are bots. Is Facebook/Instagram duping me? Why are my ads attracting bots or could something else be happening? Your thoughts are much appreciated!


    As far as I know promotion is just going to add reach. The engagement is still on you.


    You need to adjust your audience. Define who your target/ideal client is and use that to create an audience. Also, I find social media ads are best for those random products they only sell through ads and anyone posting offers. Anything else is going to be a touch point as part of your marketing funnel. With a few outliers of course. I don’t rely on fb ads as an end-all, be-all for PPC. Google is a much better place to put those marketing dollars in my opinion. The leads are already qualifying themselves by showing an interest and performing a search. If you’re using hashtags on your instagram ads try not to. Also try to focus on retargeting if possible. You make the most out of your ad spend that way, in my opinion.

    All of this depends on your industry but this is what I find works best for most of my clients.


    I run an agency and there is a strategy behind this. Some of our clients are focused on getting a larger number of followers quickly. To do this we set our targeting to be very open and in the cheapest markets. You’ll get a lot of fake accounts and teens in 3rd world countries that aren’t your target audience. But if you want big numbers fast and cheap this is how you do it. It does make your account look more credible when you have tens of thousands of followers.
    We have other clients that are more concerned with getting followers in their customer demographic, especially in certain locations. These tend to be significantly more expensive.
    If we’re launching a new brand sometimes we’ll run open open targeting for a few months to push up the follower count, then switch to a more targeted following.
    These are all legit tactics, you just have to figure out what’s in line with your goals.


    No. I wouldn’t worry about bots liking your ad. They’re setup to click a certain number of things in an effort to look like normal account.


    Yes, most probably. This has been a problem for years now. Any ‘ad agency’ guy that says otherwise, are con artists.


    We can’t track unfollows by the quality of the account, so there’s no way to tell.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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