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    I found a keyword with masses of traffic and relatively low keyword difficulty for UK and moderate difficulty of US.

    The thing is, because of the high search volume. I don’t need to dominate the results pages to make money. Any rank in page1 would suffice for me.

    Approx 100K traffic per month conbined US & UK.

    It’s a physcial product and is a one time purchase (so I am happy to just be an affiliate, not even interested in dropshipping).

    How do you think I should segment the content for US & UK visitors. There will be different products available to each country. I don’t want to give content to UK people promoting a product that is in US only and vice versa.

    The keyword difficulty for UK is a lot less than US so I don’t want to ignore the UK mkarket. Additionally I am from the UK so I dont really want to ignore the UK traffic.


    First off,hats off to you
    Second,a single website for each country I think is the way forward
    How do you intend to do about shopping?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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