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    I need to restructure a client’s AdWords account and I’m a little stumped on how I should structure it. I’m most likely going to follow SKAGs however, I’m a little curious as to what I should do with the general keywords that were added from search queries. The majority of the keywords in the account are phrase matched and the remaining kws are exact matches. A lot of the added search query keywords were longer variations of the phrase matched KWs.

    I’m going to put the top-performing keywords in their own ad group but what should I do with the ones that are just okay and converting a little here and there? Should I just leave them in its remaining campaign and take out the keywords that I’ll be running SKAGs on? Also, what should I do with the added Kw’s that are longer variations of the original PM KWs?

    Any help is appreciated, this has been bothering me and the client is requesting a bulk sheet with the new restructure and copy for approval within a couple of days.

    PS; re; longer variations, example: Using “street car” pm kw and added the search query “legal street cars” (By the way, should I even do this? or is it pointless since I have “street car”)?


    This looks like a weird approach. For a start, structure the campaigns into Brand and Generic. Never put the brand name in the same campaign as the Generic keywords. Then create campaigns based on the clients products. Their website’s navigation menu can give you an idea about how to structure. And then create exact and BMM ad groups. Ignore Phrase as it has no value now after the frequent Google changes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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