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    When you are running a campaign and you find negative keywords to add to your negative keywords list, do you add them as exact, phrase or broad match?

    For example, if you are trying to get leads for a graphic design agency but you get an impression for ‘graphic designer meaning’ or ‘web designer’


    It’s not black and white.

    Need to look at the search terms and think through behavior based upon action you take.

    For starters, ask yourself, is there a single word in the search term/phrase that makes you want to toss it out and not bid on it.

    – graphic designer meaning <–add “meaning” (phrase in parenthesis) as a neg keyword and anything searches with the word meaning will get tossed.

    – web designer- <— add the word “web” and any search with web will be tossed.

    In most scenarios, this will cover different variations and I can’t think of cases where someone would use the term “meaning” that you’d want to pay for a click. If you add “website” it would toss and not bid on website graphic designer, website designer, etc. If this is desirable to you…then you are ok.

    Then think of similar words that will eventually be used in search that you don’t want and add them as phrases. I.e, “website” may be one…if you don’t want website designer, website graphic designer, etc.

    Also toss in a bunch of randoms that you haven’t seen yet and don’t want to see bid on… ie,

    – free

    – dirt cheap or even cheap

    – complaints

    – product (product designer)

    – logo (logo designer if you don’t do that..

    you get the idea…

    early on, it is important to check every week or even every few days…to continue to weed out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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