A question about reach: is it better to schedule or post spontaneously?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media A question about reach: is it better to schedule or post spontaneously?

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    I’m wondering what your observations are about this.

    A colleague claims that when he shares/posts things spontaneously, in the moment, the reach/engagement is far more than when he uses Creator Studio to schedule the same post.

    Has anyone noticed any difference? I find it hard to believe that scheduling posts would negatively affect reach, since Facebook provides this tool.


    Scheduling is better for the content that you have planned to publish.

    I schedule content and also publish posts in realtime as and when required.


    My reach is lower on spontaneous posting only. On scheduled, the longer I schedule for the better reach seems. The best is when there is a mix of both, scheduled and spontaneous. I think it’s because facebook and instagram both want to promote pages that are there for a long time so they will spend on ads too


    I use planoly to schedule, and I get the same amount of likes whether they’re planned or spontaneous


    mix of both


    The amount of work you save by being organised and publishing everything via scheduling would more than make up any losses.

    I find it highly unlikely that Fb/ig would punish scheduling though and can not confirm such behaviour from my experience.


    A blend of spontaneous and scheduled posts will be a better option. By scheduling your posts you can use A/B testing to analyze in which specific time frame you are better achieving your goals. Moreover, sometimes a tweak of spontaneous posts will work good for you.


    I think my reach is higher on scheduled, because I can be more precise about the timing.


    I personally think it might be how we create those posts when we are scheduling or posting spontaneously that affects the reach.

    For example, scheduling allows us to be more thoughtful and careful when creating the post, the image, and the caption. So we might see better reach and engagement. But at the same time, if we schedule 10-20 posts at once, the quality might unintentionally fall because we might be creating posts for the sake of creating.

    (Disclaimer: I work at Buffer. Generally, I’d encourage people to do both when appropriate. For example, schedule regular content and post spontaneously when there’s a good opportunity or at events.)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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