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    I got a client and he fired me in 2nd month because of no results. Actually, it was a law firm client in phoenix. Do you know what happened next?

    They sign up with another agency, and the agency is already our client. That means the agency just using our local SEO service for all of their clients and we are working for almost 4 years running.

    so, actually, that client fired me, now we managing their project for them and I just wondering why they don’t fire that agency? because it’s the same work we did for them as doing now for a few months.

    It’s so funny to me literally. Sometimes clients just expect something too much. The guy now paying 70% extra and still waiting for results with the same strategy as we did for them at a low price.


    Brother, your one customer going to your another agency customer cannot be a coincidence. May be some employee leaked some information to your agency client . We all have loop holes in our line of work and i think somebody leaked your loophole. Please keep a check on how your employees use your client’s data


    I guess the agency is better at managing client expectations and stakeholder management. Clear opportunity for you to improve. Would probably allow you to charge 70% more yourself.

    Most clients don’t care about hiring the best SEO. The person in charge of selecting an agency will care about feeling good with the decision; and not getting fired for hiring the wrong agency.


    Put your prices up to the client


    Good selling SEO services and doing SEO services good is not same thing. They are better in selling SEO services and managing clients’ expectations and forecasts, I suppose. Maybe they were more clear about long term SEO approach and benefits it gives to the business.


    Sounds like you’re not managing expectations or keeping a good relationships. Glad it’s funny to you at least.


    They didn’t fire you for work, they fired you for performance.

    Right or wrong it’s irrelevant what you actually did, just the clients expectations.

    As an experienced SEO agency, you surely set client expectations, milestones and what they can expect in certain periods of time, right?


    This is actually quite funny, but it’s just Psychology. 🙂


    They’re better sales people than you are.


    Do I understand this correctly: your strategy doesn’t work no matter what price the client pays?

    It seems to be time for a rethink of your methods.


    Ugh. Law firms are the worst clients.


    I’m interested in going through the weeds on this one. Before I go deep I have a question: If your business model is to cater to agencies, then what was it that motivated you to go outside your ideal target market and take on a legal client?


    We cater to agencies as well, so we have similar business models with one major difference that you should consider changing. When we work with an agency, they get a discount based on the number of accounts they bring us. When we work directly with a client, they pay retail price.

    Why on earth would you charge the same amount to a direct client when you are actually doing more work than when you work with an agency???


    Many clients need to go through multiple digital marketing agencies until they figure out what realistic expectations are.


    In two months show some little bit ranking no results always harm goodwill…..

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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