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  • 7 Social Media Strategies Used By McDonald’s, B2B Businesses & Creators

    Posted by lazymentors on September 22, 2022 at 12:50 pm

    #1. Starting with Most Common Strategy Among B2B & B2C for Social Media!

    On LinkedIn and Instagram, Carousels are one of the best formats to create content and to build an educated and engaged following. To create one of the best carousels, most creators and businesses use AIDA framework, generally used by copywriters and marketers for funnels. But this framework is highly effective to lead your audience to end goal of visiting your website or following your account. Here’s the how AIDA framework works:

    * A – Attention, having an attention driving first image to your carousel is important. Using Effective headings and visuals you can achieve that!
    * I – Interest, throughout 2-4 slides you should build the interest for the upcoming slides.
    * D – Desire, After first 4 slides you should provide the value and fulfil the readers desire.
    * A – Action, Coming to last slide have a Great Call-to-action ready that blends in your posts content and make them follow you.

    #2. Use APPC Framework for Tiktok & Instagram Reels

    Viral Short form content depends on writing better Hooks, you need to grab the attention of the user with few words in the beginning of the video. For that, I use APPC framework which works every time and here’s how it works

    * A – Start with an “Action words” like Grab, Get, Achieve, etc. These words alert people!
    * P- Continue your hook with “Promising Statement” like Get 100% Discount, Achieve Better Results/ Users, etc. This statement will get the invested.
    * P- Associate your Video Topic with “Power Words” like Magnificent, Analyse, Instant, etc. This one is to build the hype in their mind!
    * C – Your Hook is coming to “Close End”. You leave them with another statement like this “In 15 Seconds” (Your Video Length) or “In X days” (A Time span). A close end to the hook gives users clarity about the video that’s about now start!

    #3. Crafting A Network Strategy For Twitter

    Twitter is a great space for B2B, Media Businesses and B2C. But the reality is from years, Twitter’s In-app engagement is dropping. Your existing followers barely get the chance to see your tweets. That’s why most B2B businesses and a small number of B2C Brands are using a similar networking strategy.

    They call it “Twitter Circle”

    1. You start with 10-20 creators and businesses at your level and network with them through Twitter DMs. A simple strategy here would be building a Message Template to send those different creators in a short span of time.
    2. You continue with picking up 7 Fast growing creators and 7 Big Creators in your niche. Turn on tweet notifications for those individuals and engage with their tweets from time to time. Stealing their existing audiences.
    3. After doing this over time, you will find yourself in another people’s Twitter circle. As this strategy is being replicated on the platform and like a loop. You will be part of more twitter circle.

    #4. A Must-Do Strategy for Established Brands on Social Media

    A major trend within businesses that have an established following is that they are trying to build new communities on Discord, Slack and other third party tools like Mighty networks and Circle.

    If you are well established on any social media platform, Starting a new online community for your customers is important + it helps to grow the word of mouth and build a loyal community. But most online communities die too soon.

    That’s why to grow an online community you need to appoint “in-community influencers” to keep the discussions in the community going. Most businesses think they need industry influencers and professionals. But you should use your best customers and clients as individuals to guide the new members. Appoint the most active users of your private community and provide them roles commands. Bonus, if you can have a rewarding system in your community to encourage your group leaders to keep going.

    This is a must-do for businesses looking to build communities.

    #5. Creating A Content Distribution Strategy

    Building a distribution strategy is far more important than brainstorming new ideas everyday. You need to have the ability to extract the most out of one piece of content.

    I would like to talk about few points to look into when building a distribution strategy because the full strategy will make this too long.

    1. Try to understand the behaviour of different audiences on every platform. The type of content you created for a single platform doesn’t suit the other one. This can be because of the content format and layout of text.
    2. You created content for a niched audience on Instagram or LinkedIn because the community is large on those platforms. If you are moving to Pinterest and Twitter to repurpose that piece of content make it broader. The reason for that is because your target niche will be not that huge on those platforms due to their monthly active users. Understanding niche sizes and making your content Broad or narrow is important.
    3. Content distribution requires time, if you are reading this as a Business Owner your Social Media manager isn’t entitled to do distribution automatically if you haven’t discussed it. If you are a SMM charge more distribution if your are doing it. If you are solo doing Social Media, Content Distribution is a Must!

    #6. Utilising Broad Content for Brand Awareness

    One of the prime examples of Brands being good at Social Media are McDonald’s, Ryan Air, Ramp Capital and many others. All these brands are good at blending broad content like memes, Hot takes and Viral Trends into their own brand.

    Even for B2B Businesses on LinkedIn, broad content is the path way to success on the platform.

    What are these brand doing:
    1. Breaking down their Target audience into Buyer Personas and creating content around that persona. How that persona reacts when X happens, making that relatable and laughable content to get the attention and viral engagement.
    2. Blending in Viral Memes and Hot takes within their industry.
    3. Conversational tone within posts to get the engagement going and jumping on Viral trends is crucial now.

    #7. The Most Crucial Strategy is Original Content

    Since all platforms are focusing on Video Content and new formats are emerging on Platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. You will see a huge trend of social media platforms saying create “Original Content”.

    In Last Week of August, Snapchat launched a clone of BeReal. Earlier that week, Instagram also announced A Clone feature of BeReal and Just last week Tiktok also launched “Tiktok Now” a clone app of BeReal.

    Why are they launching these updates? They want you to push out Content in these formats. Adapt to them, All these platforms are moving to fast. Your end strategy is to try to adapt to them.

    This is actually a strategy nowadays, not a joke it’s called blending into the Brand culture as a small business or startup.

    At last, If you liked this. I can help you with one more thing. I track what all social media these platforms are launching new features and updates. **You can subscribe through link in my bio to receive all marketing and social media related updates.**

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