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    I’ve been recently experimenting with optimizing for Conversions & ROAS using a 1 Day Click conversion window rather than 7 Day. I’ve previously used 7 Day as “best practice” but I tend to see slightly better results with 1 Day if I’m able to get it out of the learning phase.

    My thoughts as to why are:
    **a)** It more accurately reflects my company’s true business goal at the **ad set level**—driving people in that audience to see the ad and buy same day [my company sells supplements, btw, for reference].

    **b)** It seems like the delivery system would bid more aggressively on sending impressions to people it thinks are likely to convert same day.

    Would love to hear some other thoughts on this, and if anyone has any good links to recent articles on the topic [as well as optimizing for ROAS in general, as FB machine learning is heavily pushing this strategy across our accounts].


    I only do 1-day click, 0-day view through for adset training.

    I would only trust a non-Facebook attribution tool for actually analyzing results though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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