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Views are worth much less on Tik Tok compared to something like Youtube.

The average Youtube video is 11-12 minutes long. The ad on it will be 15-60 seconds long. And that ad will be very targeted (watching car videos? you’ll get tire and car part ads).

In comparison, Tik Tok videos are 5-15 seconds long on average. In an hour on tik tok I can scroll through 1000 different videos. I’ll only see an ad once every 5 minutes or so, and that too will be a few seconds long at most. They’re also not very targeted, so advertisers are paying much less to place them.

I posted a Tik Tok video advertising a t-shirt I was selling last year. It gained almost 2 million views and yet I only sold about two dozen tees. Kinda tells you the quality of the audience on Tik Tok. I’d be surprised if they pay out more than a few cents, possibly even fractions of cents per 1000 views.

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