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Depends on what you’ve discussed so far and how much work you’ve done prior to signing them. Generally, after we do the “we’re so excited to start working with you” and small talk we:

-Go through the website/SEO audit

-Go through keyword research. What we found, what we think they should target, what keywords they want to focus on etc.

-Tell them what we’re going to start with and when they start seeing results. Some clients expect you to jump right in and get results so we try to help them understand its a process from the beginning

-Go through again what we’ll be doing for them. Site maintenance, content creation, link building etc.

-Go through what we need from them like site logins, social logins, etc.

-Ask what type of process they prefer. Do they want to vet content before it gets posted? Who should we email for questions? etc.

-Answer any questions they have.

We actually have an on-board doc that covers most of this info rather than a phone call. That way clients can actually think about these answers and we have written proof if needed. (the amount of times clients try to change stuff later on makes this worth it). Some of this stuff is already pre-discussed before signing depending on the client but this is the main info we cover when we have a new client.

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